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Q: What is the Verona Reptiles Show?

A: An expo of exotic animals open to everybody. There you will find exotic animals breeders from all over Europe. Find out more

Q: Where is the Verona Reptiles Show held?

A: At the Area Exo Cerea (VR).

Q: When is the Verona Reptiles Show held?

A: The second Sunday in May and the first Sunday in October

Q: How long does the Verona Reptiles show last?

A: From 9:00 to 18:30

Q: Can I shop at the Verona Reptiles show?

A: Certainly

Q: Can I participate as an exhibitor at the Verona Reptiles Show?

A: Read the REGULATION, if your exhibition proposal meets all the requirements you can apply for registration by following the procedure you find here: EXHIBITOR REGISTRATION

Q: Can I come to the Verona Reptiles Show with my dog?

A: It is not prohibited, but we strongly advise against it. Due to the great crowding, the presence of animals and particular smells, we believe that the Show isn’t the most comfortable climate for your four-legged friend.

Q: Can I buy the Verona Reptiles Show tickets online?

A: By clicking HERE you can access the online presales. The link will be updated as soon as tickets for the new edition are available.

Q: How much does the Verona Reptiles Show ticket cost? Are there any reductions?

A: Find out all the details in the REGULATION section

Q: Can the ticket for the Verona Reptiles Show be purchased on site?

A: Of course, it can be bought directly at the ticket office on the Show’s day.

Q: Is it possible to reach the Verona Reptiles Show by train?

A: Yes, the Cerea (VR) railway station is 300m far from the Area Exp.

Q: Is the green pass – Covid19 certification necessary to enter to the Verona Reptiles Show?

A: From May 1st 2022 it is not necessary to have any certification to enter to the Verona Reptiles show. The obligation to wear a mask has passed away.